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New album, MinuteHand will be released soon! Release party on May 11 at The Miniplex in Arcata, CA
Here's the presale link!

Minute Hand cover_edited.jpg

Check out the cover art by Steven Vander Meer!

There’s a love-lost-love-gained arc to this album, peppered with a story about an inventor, a word painting about the 4th of July and some short instrumentals. I’ve been called eclectic but I gravitate toward alt/folk whenever asked to describe my style.


This one has been a few years in the making because it was produced mostly on my own from the writing that began with a songwriters group during the pandemic lockdown, to the recording process that required research and troubleshooting preamps and micing, to playing most of the instrumentation (drums, upright bass, piano, synth and more). But what took the most time, by a mile, was the mixing!


The title track and the second single are both streaming on all platforms.

In the meantime, here's the second single from the album to give you a little taste of what's next. (featuring Kahvi Zvaleko-Garrett singing backup vocals)!

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