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New album "MinuteHand" released on April 27!

The release party was truly a precious time capsule of magical joy, suspended in that little room like your first good party, back when curfews were broken, mom waited up for you, you learned how to drink just one or two and bedtime didn’t matter. Only, mom was there and we did need to get to sleep eventually and I can barely handle all-fruit-sweetened fizzy drinks now. Really, though, if the love in that room can be recreated at another show, I should be so lucky. Thank you to everyone who packed it in! Some professional video will be up when I get these 17 live tracks mixed. More shows are on the horizon too, among them, I’ll be at Songwriters in the Round at Folklife, on Tuesday, July 16. For now, I’m updating websites, applying for contests, pitching for reviews, and contemplating my next adventure. Subscribe to my site to stay tuned. Everyone take good care of yourselves, do what you love, and connect well with others. These are the days.

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Video for 4th Of July

cover art by Steven Vander Meer!

Great interview by Greta Stockwell on KHUM

Some videos of rehearsals for the release party. Videos of the party are forthcoming!

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