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The release party for my new album, MinuteHand, was a blast and I'm inspired now to work with the musicians who made it a special night. A few summer shows are in the works and an urge to write is welling.

When I am not working on solo projects, I play the upright bass and electric bass for Absynth Quartet, a gypsy-grass pop band. I am also a part of a spaghetti-swing trio, Canary & the Vamp, where I play the upright bass and sing. Additionally, I collaborate with a freak-folk duo called Forest Creature, even though we are physically located at a long distance from each other.

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Space Monkeys, from the album Finn, is an apology letter to my stepdaughter. I changed the heads on all her barbies when she was 7 or 8. That's her in the video, many years later. Neeti Fidurko, who directed and filmed the video, probably had the idea for role reversal. I don't recall.

Arcata Theater Lounge with Absynth Quartet

I played songwriters night at Humboldt Folklife, a cherished local summer festival. Amaryllis is on the album Finn. She was just a red eared slider but she was magical to me.

A NYE show with Absynth Quartet at Humbrews in Arcata

I submitted this song called Little Toe to the NPR Tiny Desk Competition

Canary & The Vamp at an Arcata arts walk

Absynth Quartet circa 2016

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